Director | Camera | Editor
Ingrid Plum : TAUT (2018)
Colour HD. 13 min 57 sec

A document of vocalist and improviser Ingrid Plum premiering TAUT - her investigation into contemporary composition and performance. Inspired by studying with Meredith Monk, Plum conceived of TAUT against the backdrop of cuts to music education in the UK and the under-representation of female composers. The film includes interviews with Plum and contributing composers and footage from the mesmerising live performance.

Screened as part of Plum’s exhibition at ONCA Gallery, Brighton in June 2018.

Further info about TAUT: 
TAUT features scores by Graham Dunning, Helen Frosi, Kelly Jayne Jones, Tania Chen, Stephan Barrett, Iris Garrelfs, Jez Riley French, Nick Hudson, Kev Nickells, Bobby Barry, Lisa Busby, Lia Mazzari, Greta Pistaceci & Timothy Thornton performed by Ingrid Plum. Pushing contemporary music notation to new horizons the 14 scores commissioned by Plum encompass classical notation, photography, poetry, embroidery, painting and more.

Funded by Arts Council England.