Overtime (2016 - 17)
Colour HD, 10 mins

Overtime is a portrait of a place and the community it sustains: a celebration of a way-of-life on the verge of obsolescence. A former shoe factory located in east London, Unit 3 was leased from the owner in the 1990s and became an unofficial creative space for artists to live and work until the last tenants were evicted in August 2016 due to redevelopment.

Overtime collages together moments of time from ten months of activity into an edit loosely structured upon the passage of time from a single day to night. Within this framework, latent narratives emerge: contrasting moments of collaboration and intense personal concentration as necessary conditions for creation; performativity in daily life, the ethnographic encounter and cultural production; a co-mingling of creative, domestic and economic labour; and the transformations of live / work, private /public and past /present /future possibilities.

Performances in the space by former tenants are incorporated into the soundtrack of the film. Including a set by Graham Dunning which uses a dubplate of field recordings highlighting the industrial past of the space (recorded by Wendy Short and processed by Dunning) as a rhythmn and drone to base the rest of his composition on.