Co-Director | Editor
Val Williams : Storage (2011). Colour HD. 23 mins

Storage uses objects and ephemera from Val Williams’ archive to narrate the story of her curatorial career and personal perspective on the history of British Photography since the 1970s. Williams touches upon the nature of collecting as well as exploring some of the complexities of the archive as a repository of information. How do personal and institutional archives differ? How useful is an archival object without the owners’ personal testimony? What is fated for the pre-digital archives of British photographers with physical space for storage at a premium?

Storage was commissioned by University of the Arts London to celebrate the career of Val Williams, Professor of Culture and Photography and Director of the Photography and the Archive Research Centre. 

Co-Directors: Belinda May & Wendy Short
Edit: Hannah Blackmore and Wendy Short
Camera: Hannah Blackmore
Thanks to: Val Williams and Nicholas Marechal